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SilverSneakers 30th Anniversary wouldn’t be a celebration without the inspiring stories of our members across the country. Over the years, SilverSneakers has impacted the lives of millions of adults who are living happier, healthier, more connected lives through fitness in all its shapes and forms. Our legacy has been built by your stories, and to commemorate our 30th anniversary we are celebrating you – your inspiring accomplishments, your wins, big and small, that have helped SilverSneakers leave a positive mark on your life or the life of someone you love.

I am so grateful to SilverSneakers for contributing to my well-being this year. This program has meant so much to me as I deal with challenges that are in front of all of us, as well as some that are unique to my own situation. When I got word that my current Medicare health insurance supplement plan was being discontinued in 2022, I realized that SilverSneakers is so important to me that I’d make it part of my new plan search criteria.


I underwent four lumbar spine surgeries and have just been diagnosed with sciatica, which is very painful. My stress level is at an all-time high. By adopting an attitude of gratitude, I have learned to cope with all that has happened to me and put it all in perspective. Now that I have your classes to help lead me in a healthy direction, I truly believe I’m coming out on top.


I have been taking SilverSneakers classes for about a year now and it has made such an amazing difference in my life, that when I recently had the option to take a lower cost on my health insurance and give up SilverSneakers, I said, ‘NO WAY!’

It’s been a difficult year for all of us and Andi’s energetic spirit, along with her ability to laugh at herself in a good way is very refreshing and brightens my day!


I want to thank the instructors that are giving us personal attention and love and feelings of belonging. Even though I am just a member of a class of 500 or 300 or 600, I feel so taken care of. I just watched Jenny’s relaxing 18 minute gentle stretch on Youtube and she modeled everything she said is necessary for stretching. She held the stretches as long as she wanted us to. The improvements are amazing. The instructors give extra time before class. They talk to us and help us and greet us. I love it.


I joined in out of curiosity on the very last session. I liked it, found your approach refreshing and supportive. I hope to do the whole series when it comes around again. Your advice is solid; your presentation is direct.

I like the lightness and encouragement you bring to a concern that so many of us 65+ folks have. I think many, many folks will enjoy and benefit from your programs.


We are a 70s couple! Yes, we are in our 70s, and also we were dating in the 70s!! We will be married 50 years in August!! 🎂 YAHOO!!!! Since we are both now retired, we have become exercise/mindful , meditation groupies with you!!

We just wanted you to know how much we look forward to each and every class that you teach!! And, we try to attend as many as we possibly can during the week!! As I said, "U MAKE R DAY"!!!

Karen & Bill

Thank you so much for being a phenomenal yoga instructor and human being. I retired in January of this year, started a healthier eating style in August, and joined the Silver Sneakers yoga classes the end of August. I take the yoga classes about five days a week and love them. I feel so good after each class, so peaceful and invigorated. I also lost 28 pounds. My neck and shoulders were a solid block from working on a computer for 36 years. Now, I have movement and range. It feels great.

I particularly love your classes because I feel more challenged and because you have a great, warm personality. I love the humor you bring throughout class.

I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and to express my gratitude for the positive affect you have had on my life.


Thank you so much! Can't wait for your classes in 2022!

You always smile and have upbeat attitude. Your laughs make me laugh.

It is a joy to be in your classes.

It shows that you truly care about us as individual people trying to live healthier lives. So rare now a days. It's not just a job to you. Bless you.