Love Letters to SilverSneakers

SilverSneakers 30th Anniversary wouldn’t be a celebration without the inspiring stories of our members across the country. Over the years, SilverSneakers has impacted the lives of millions of adults who are living happier, healthier, more connected lives through fitness in all its shapes and forms. Our legacy has been built by your stories, and to commemorate our 30th anniversary we are celebrating you – your inspiring accomplishments, your wins, big and small, that have helped SilverSneakers leave a positive mark on your life or the life of someone you love.

Join the celebration!

You turned my life around and I am very grateful.

I started taking SilverSneaker Yoga classes one year ago when I started a new food plan. You helped me lose 30 pounds. More importantly, you offered community, fun, and support, all from the comfort of my home. All of your instructors are friendly, welcoming, very knowledgeable, and sensitive. You offer a huge variety of classes at all hours, so it is easy to incorporate the classes in my schedule. I now take the Yoga Flow and Cardio Mix classes. I feel good in my body and have more confidence. I feel healthy and happy. Thank you!!


I mean it, SILVER SNEAKERS saved my life.

With the pandemic I lost my gym, my way to have exercise in my life. In my work I am sitting, when I drive to my clients I am sitting, after a long day I am sitting. And I had no way to do exercise since my gym was closed. I could feel my health going slowly down. Then I got plantar fasciitis, so I was not even able to walk as a form of exercise. And then I found out about the classes ONLINE with Silver Sneakers. I would sign up and then show up. It just worked for me. And it started me at a level where I was at. At the beginner level, in a chair.

What a blessing these exercises have been for me. And such an assortment to choose from. I am now doing at least 3 classes every week. The instructors are so good. And it is so easy to fit them into my life.

I have just recently moved, and my exercise classes and instructors have all moved with me. I just love my online classes. So thank you so much Silver Sneakers for giving me back my health, my life and my hope for the future. Bless you all who have put this together for me and for all our precious seniors!


Word of mouth is the best advertisement and when a friend told me about Silver Sneakers, I knew I had to find a health plan that included this program.

I've been a member for 1.5 years and I love it. I started with the On-Demand videos that focused on fall prevention and balance and I got to know Andi, Jenny and Sharlyn who are awesome trainers. Once I was comfortable with the exercise steps on the videos, I started taking LIVE online Classic and Circuit classes and some of the Express classes. All of the trainers encourage us to try the exercise steps, but if a step doesn't feel right, that's okay. They also encourage us to try other Silver Sneakers classes and they take the time to answer our questions. I've always been a walker, however, now I am focusing on building my upper body strength. I like how the trainers encourage us to not only focus on our physical health, but our mental health as well. Sharlyn's "Mindfulness and Meditation" classes allow me to shut off the "noise" around me and focus on my inner self. Jenny's classes often end with a few seconds for me to find the "quiet" within myself.

THANK YOU to all of the trainers who have enriched my life by helping me to grow stronger.


I am 75 years young. My husband and I retired May 2019. Our dream was to go traveling. My physician heard a murmur in my heart. At lightning speed I went to a cardiologist to cardiac surgeon to open heart surgery and a long road to recovery. Our dreams to travel postponed, maybe forever. Heard of Silver Sneakers through my medical insurance. Started classes at the local Y but do to covid switched to online classes. Silver Sneakers has and is giving me back my strength, endurance, balance, positive attitude. And our DREAM to travel this beautiful country.


I am so grateful to SilverSneakers for contributing to my well-being this year. This program has meant so much to me as I deal with challenges that are in front of all of us, as well as some that are unique to my own situation. When I got word that my current Medicare health insurance supplement plan was being discontinued in 2022, I realized that SilverSneakers is so important to me that I’d make it part of my new plan search criteria.


I have been taking SilverSneakers classes for about a year now and it has made such an amazing difference in my life, that when I recently had the option to take a lower cost on my health insurance and give up SilverSneakers, I said, ‘NO WAY!’

It’s been a difficult year for all of us and Andi’s energetic spirit, along with her ability to laugh at herself in a good way is very refreshing and brightens my day!


I want to thank the instructors that are giving us personal attention and love and feelings of belonging. Even though I am just a member of a class of 500 or 300 or 600, I feel so taken care of. I just watched Jenny’s relaxing 18 minute gentle stretch on Youtube and she modeled everything she said is necessary for stretching. She held the stretches as long as she wanted us to. The improvements are amazing. The instructors give extra time before class. They talk to us and help us and greet us. I love it.


Ten years ago, we were a family of four, until my husband Russ passed away suddenly. Then we were three: our teenage daughter Terina, our teenage son Christian, and me.

It was more than tragic, more than life changing and heart wrenching. I grieved his loss for years and years, and still miss him so much. During the worst grieving years, I isolated myself, became agoraphobic, and was extremely depressed. I knew I should be strong for Rina and Chris , but I wasn’t as strong as I needed or should have been. I regret this more than I can say…thank God I worked hard to be the mom I was before Russ died.

Then, in April of 2022, my sweetest daughter took her own life. I’m still grieving hard: my hearts been ripped to pieces. She was my best girl. My shining star. She had a heart deeper than the sea, and she loved everyone. She had a marshmallow heart. She is the bravest person I know and I ….there are no words.

I never thought I’d ever live again, I wanted to isolate myself like I did when Russ passed away. But my wonderful, strong, loving son Chris and I talked, and he just kept telling me, “mom, we will prevail…we can, and we will.” I kept repeating his words in my head and in my heart. Through days and nights of tears, I kept praying for strength and determination to prevail, refuse to give up. I kept praying to God that I would be brave. Rina is the bravest person I have ever known, and I knew she was cheering me on.

I have had a Silver Sneakers membership for two years through my insurance, but never looked into it until this month. I took one class, and another, followed by another…I just began this week and have already completed 2 yoga classes, a balance class, a line dancing class, a beginning strength class. Tonight I’ve got another yoga class. My calendar is filling up from my first class, I have gained more confidence in my ability to do pretty well in each class.

The classes are beginner level, as I’ve barely exercised for ten years! These classes are building me up physically and mentally. The teachers are so great, they are so wonderful at making sure we benefit from each activity, but not over do it and get hurt or discouraged. I can feel my core strengthening, my balance improving, and my mind clearing. I attend classes using Zoom. I am reminded of my upcoming classes with plenty of time to get ready for them. I can’t believe how positively my body and mind are responding to my SilverSneakers classes, but it’s 100% true.

Because of years of inactivity following Russ’s death, I’ve had chronic back pain for years. Nothing helped. Not even walking. But I’m telling you, my back is improving, and I am so happy to be almost pain free for the first time in ages! I have had major depression and anxiety for over 40 years, but these activities are clearing my mind, improving my mindset, day by day.

Im trying things (like line dancing) I never though I’d try in a million years. Im clumsy at it, but I just keep moving, like my instructor says. Doing it in the privacy of home is a huge plus. I know I wouldn’t be taking line dancing outside of my home. If I get better at it, I might venture out!

Silver Sneakers has helped me on my grief journey, too. I am unable to dwell on my losses because I’m involving myself in activities that I can do varying levels of “well” in, while being challenged by them, too. I still grieve and weep, but my life is more than that now. Silver Sneakers is definitely helping me in my grief.

Thank you all, so, so much. Silver Sneakers is a game-changer. My self esteem is better, I’m proud of my new found physical abilities;I love the challenge. I love that my mind is clear - not foggy like before. All this positivity in a very short time! I’m excited about my future, in spite of all the storms. Thank you again! You’re a life-saver!


Silver Sneakers has impacted my life in a way that I never thought possible.

I discovered them during the pandemic on line. During that time I was going through a cancer bout. I was depressed because I felt I couldn't get to classes. I was involved in live Silver Sneakers before the pandemic and attended on a regular basis. Silver Sneakers has been a game changer in my life. Because of the classes I was able to endure chemotherapy without a problem because I was physically able. Also, Silver Sneakers helped me to go through the depression I felt by having live classes on line.

I will always be grateful for Silver Sneakers and I have certainly told many of my friends about Silver Sneakers. Silver Sneakers changed my life. Thank you so much for caring!!


I'm a young 69 who lost a daughter from a chronic disease.

During her battle I became depressed over ate and gained over 60 pounds. After her death I felt like I did not want to live. I got so out of shape I couldn't hardly walk from the house to the car. My grandchildren and friends pleaded with me. I finally agreed but could not afford a gym membership. Thanks to Silver Sneakers I joined the Y, started water arobics, started doing the classes offered online. Reading all the available literature offered online through Silver Sneakers on nutrition diet ,etc..

Now after 6 months I feel great. I did not realize the shape I had let myself get in to physically or mentally.. Thank you Silver Sneakers for bringing me back to life. I could have never done this on my own without all the benefits you provide.


I underwent four lumbar spine surgeries and have just been diagnosed with sciatica, which is very painful. My stress level is at an all-time high. By adopting an attitude of gratitude, I have learned to cope with all that has happened to me and put it all in perspective. Now that I have your classes to help lead me in a healthy direction, I truly believe I’m coming out on top.